New Company Registrations

Shelf Companies 

Filing Annual Returns

Company Amendments:

  • Appointing and Resigning of Directors / Members
  • Updating Company Registered Addresses
  • Changing of Company Names
  • Updating the Location of Company Records
  • Changing Financial Year End
  • Appointing and Resigning of Company Secretary
  • Appointing and Resigning of Auditor / Accounting Officer
  • Re-instatement of Entities
  • Deregistration of Entities
  • Conversion of close corporations to private companies
  • Adoption of new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)
  • Conversion of share classes
  • Increasing or Decreasing the Authorised Share Capital
  • Allotment or Transferring of Shares
  • Share Certificates

SARS administration:

  • Income Tax Registration
  • PAYE Registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Tax Clearance Certificates

Department of Labour:

  • The Compensation Fund Registration and Amendments
  • The Compensation Fund Submission of Return of Earnings
  • The Compensation Fund Letter of Good Standing
  • UIF Registration

BEE Affidavit

XBRL conversions of Annual Financial Statements



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