Secretary Bird provides a wide range of specialist company secretarial services, from new company registrations and amendments to filing annual returns, ensuring that companies are fully up to date and compliant with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) processes and requirements.


Founder Lizanne Higgs brings more than five years of solid experience in company secretarial administration to Secretary Bird, having already worked with a number of accountants, lawyers, estate planners and business owners to keep their statutory information up to date and legally compliant.


The Secretary Bird in-flight is part of the South African coat of arms, representing growth and speed. The choice of the Secretary Bird as the image for this business demonstrates their two key values – we fly in to help their clients grow by ensuring a speedy and accurate service.


As experts in their field, Secretary Bird know how to register a company in South Africa and can take care of this process quickly and efficiently. We also know that annual returns always need filing, even for dormant companies, that it is a statutory requirement for registered addresses to be kept updated with CIPC to ensure that important legal correspondence is delivered to your address and that you need to deregister a company with CIPC and South African Revenue Service (SARS) to avoid being contacted for revenue payments. Understanding all of these statutory requirements, and performing them with meticulous attention to detail, enables Secretary Bird to provide first-class services to their clients.


Close and harmonious working relationships are built up with companies and their clients thanks to a professional, responsive service overlaid with a personal touch. Isn’t it great when someone doing a job for you demonstrates the utmost professional integrity but also takes the time to remember about your family holidays and kids’ birthdays?


Take it from testimonials such as “reliable and efficient for any business” and “definitely willing to walk the extra mile”. It will do your firm’s image the world of good when you provide such a high level of expertise in company secretarial services to your clients, when you partner with Secretary Bird.


CIPC administration is specialised and time-consuming work, so it makes perfect sense to get an expert on board whenever the need arises for one of your clients.


Regular work can be taken on for various types of companies, while other services can also be discussed. Come and be part of the journey as Secretary Bird spreads its wings.


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